General Description

    The AS3646B is a four data lane D-PHY or threedata lane C-PHY, MIPI switch. This single pole, doublethrow (SPDT) switch is optimized for switchingbetween two high speed or low power MIPI sources.The AS3646B is designed for the MIPI specificationand allows connection to a CSI or DSI module.
    The AS3646B is compatible with the requirementsof Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI). Thelow-capacitance design allows the AS3646B to switchsignals that exceed 4.5GHz in frequency. Superiorchannel-to-channel crosstalk immunity minimizesinterference and allows the transmission of high-speeddifferential signals and single-ended signals, asdescribed by the MIPI specification, Compatible withTMUX646 & FSA646.
    The AS3646B is offered in Green 36-ball WLCSPpackage and is specified over an ambient temperaturerange of -40˚C to 85˚C.


●  Switch Type: SPDT (10x)
●  Signal Types: --MIPI, D-PHY & C-PHY
●  Wide VCC Range: 1.5V to 5.0V

●  Input Signals: 0 to 1.3V
●  RON:-- 6.0Ω Typical LP & HS MIPI
●  RON : 0.1Ω Typical LP & HS MIPI
●  RON_FLAT: 0.5Ω Typical LP &HS MIPI
●  ICCZ: 1uA Maximum
●  ICC: 30uA Typical
●  OIRR: -28dB Typical
●  -3dB Bandwidth: 4.5GHz (Typical)
●  Xtalk: -30dB Typical
●  CON: 1.5pF Typical
●  Skew of Opposite Transitions of the Same Output: 6ps Typical
●  RoHS and Green Compliant
●  36B, 2.38mm X 2.38mm WLCSP Packages
●  -40℃ to +85 ℃ Temperature Range


●  Dual Camera for Smart Phones
●  Dual LCD Monitor, Digital Camera Displays
●  Tablet PCs & Laptops & Displays