General Description


    AS5202 is a gauge type silicon pressure sensor specially designed for applications requiring highly-precision pressure measurement from 0 to 40kPa. The pressure sensor is based on the industry recognized piezo resistive technology featuring long-term stability and EMC robustness. Tube SOP-6L type of packages are available.
    The device is a RoHs and Green compliant 6-pin SOP Tube (10.3mm x 7.0mm x 9.5mm) outline dimension package.


●  Operation Range: Force: 0 ~ 40kPa
●  Supply Voltage up to 10V

●  Bridge Impedance: 4.6KΩ ~ 6.6KΩ

●  Proof Pressure: 2X Rated Pressure

●  Gauge Type Sensor

●  Small Solution Size

●  RoHS and Green Compliant

●  6-pin SOP Tube Packages, Height: 9.5mm

●  -40℃ to +125 ℃ Temperature Range


●  Medical Instrumentation
●  Pressure Gauge
●  Industrial Sensor
●  Home Appliance