General Description

    The AS5200 is an analog force sensor especially designed for consumer applications like touch panels, seamless buttons, and smart shoes. It is housed in a ompact 2.5×2.1×1.0 mm3 package. The force sensor is based on the industry-recognized piezo-resistive technology featuring long-term stability and EMC robustness. The force sensor is capable of continuously measuring forces from 0N up to 10N.
    Focusing on micro force measurement, the high sensitivity, and the high resolution makes AS5200 especially suitable for applications that detect forces from hand related movement such as finger taps or pen drawing.
    The device is a RoHs and Green compliant 4-pin LFBGA (2.5mm x 2.1mm x 1.05mm) outline dimension package.


●  Operation Range: Force: 0 ~ 10N Force Resolution: up to 1mN

●  Supply Voltage Range: VDD: +1.0V to +5.0V
●  Small Solution Size
●  RoHS and Green Compliant

●  Space Saving 4-pin LFBGA (2.5mm 2.1mm) Packages

●  Height: 0.8mm; 1.05mm at force point

●  -40℃ to +85 ℃ Temperature Range


●  Force Buttons
●  Paiting Stylus/Gaming
●  Robotic end-effectors
●  Insoles of Smart Shoes