Micro-Power consumption,300mA, Low Input Voltage, High PSRR,Low-Dropout Voltage Linear Regulator

General Description

    The AS9113 is a CMOS low dropout, low noise, low power consumption, high PSRR, low quiescent current positive linear regulator with input voltage down to about 1.20V. The AS9113 can deliver a guaranteed 300mA load current with a low dropout voltage that optimized for battery-powered systems or portable wireless devices such as mobile phones. Quiescent current of only 1.5uA makes these devices ideal for powering the battery-powered, always-on systems that require very little idle-state power dissipation to a longer service life. There is an option of shutdown function by selecting the parts with the EN pin and pulling it low. The off state of AS9113 that consumes less than 0.1uA during shutdown mode.
    The device is suitable for portable application such as cellular handsets or PDA. The AS9113 is designed and optimized to work with low cost ceramic capacitors 1.0uF, which consumes less than 0.1μA during shutdown mode. Besides, its current limit protection and on-chip thermal shutdown function provide protection against any combination of over-load or ambient temperature which could cause junction temperature exceeding maximum rating. The AS9113 includes a reference bypass pin in order to reduce output noise and a logic control shut-down input.
    The space-saving tiny SOT23-3L, SOT23-5L, DFN1010-4L and DFN2020-6L packages are attractive for hand-held applications. The device is specified over an ambient temperature range of -40˚C to 125˚C.


●  Output Current Up to 300mA
●  Low Voltage VIN Range: 1.20V to 5.5V
●  Very Low Input Voltage at 1.20V (Min.)
●  Very Low Quiescent Current at 1.5uA
●  Low Dropout voltage of 200mV at 300mA
●  Output Voltage Accuracy at ±2.0%
●  PSRR 75dB at 1.0KHz
●  Needs Only 1.0uF Capacitor for Stability
●  Current Limit Protection
●  Current Fold-back Protection
●  0.01uA Shutdown Current
●  Without EMI and Switch Noise
●  Low ESR Ceramic Capacitor for Output Stability
●  RoHS and Green Compliant
●  SOT23-3L, SOT23-5L, DFN2020-4L and DFN2020-6L Packages
●  -40℃ to +125 ℃ Temperature Range


●  Portable, Battery Powered Equipment

●  Low Power Microcontrollers
●  PDAs and Digital Camera
●  Wireless Communication Equipment
●  Mobil Handsets
●  Tablet PCs and Laptops/Netbooks
●  Camcorder Video Light (Movie Light)
●  Audio/Video Equipment