General Description
    The AS9106 is a family of CMOS low dropout (LDO) regulators with a low dropout voltage of 240mV at 600mA designed for noise-sensitive portable device, RF and wireless applications. Quiescent current of AS9106 is as low as 45μA and it works with low-ESR ceramic capacitors, which makes it very suitable for space sensitive handheld applications. The soft-start function will eliminate current surges during start-up and the output discharge function will dissipate the residue output voltage in the capacitor during shut-down.
    Other features include current limit protection and on-chip thermal shutdown function provide protection against any combination of over-load or ambient temperature which could cause junction temperature exceeding maximum rating.
    The space-saving tiny SOT23-5L and DFN1010-4L packages are attractive for hand-held applications. The device is specified over an ambient temperature range of -40˚C to 125˚C.


●  Output Current Up to 600mA
●  Voltage VIN Range: 2.2V to 5.5V
●  Vout Fixed 1.2V to 3.3V
●  Very Low Quiescent Current at 45uA
●  Low Dropout voltage of 340mV at 600mA
●  Output Voltage Accuracy at ±2.0%
●  PSRR 60dB at 1.0KHz/100mA
●  Low Output Noise, 50uVRMS from 10Hz to 100KHz
●  Current Limit Protection
●  Current Fold-back Protection
●  Thermal Shutdown Protection
●  Less than 1uA Shutdown Current
●  Without EMI and Switch Noise
●  Low ESR Ceramic Capacitor for Output Stability
●  RoHS and Green Compliant
●  Small DFN1010-4L & SOT23-5L Packages
●  -40℃ to +125 ℃ Temperature Range


●  PDAs and Digital Camera
●  White LED Biasing
●  Mobil Handsets
●  Tablet PCs and Laptops/Netbooks
●  Camcorder Video Light (Movie Light)